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Beautiful Bronze Leaves

You'll need:

brown paper grocery bags


  1. Trace or draw different types of leaves onto the brown paper bag. You can even trace real leaves.
  2. Cut your leaves out.
  3. Once you have your leaves are all cut out, coat them with a thin layer of school glue (elmers or some brand like that)on both sides. You can use a paint brush to do this.
  4. Then while it's still moist hold them over a lit candle.(ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED) Let the flames slightly burn both sides. Not too much so it start on fire. Just don't let them sit in one spot too long . Just long enough to brown them. It turns them into a bronze or copper color.

    These look fairly real. I have used them when I made fall wreaths. If you'd like them on stems them glue two leaf cut outs together and put a wire in the middle. Then do as we did before and just coat them with a thin layer of glue and so on.

    This idea was shared with me by Kathy and used here as the basis for this article with her permission.


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