Christmas ornament or gift tag! You could make a lapel pin too!

Crocheted Miniature Ice Skate

worsted weight yarn - red , white and gray
Size H crochet hook

Beginning at the top, with white yarn ( leave about a 11- 12" inches for a loop to hang it or attach it with.)ch 10, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Round 1: Sc in each ch around. 10 sc.
Do NOT join . Use something like a smal pin to mark your rows.

Rounds 2 - 4: Sc in each sc. Rounds 5: Sc in next sc, dec over next 2 sc. Sc in each of next 2 sc, 2 sc in each of next 4, sc in next sc = 13 sts.

Round 6: Sc in each of next 6 sc, 2 sc in next sc; work (sc, hdc) in next sc, work (hc,sc) in next sc, 2 sc in next sc,sc in each of next 3 sc =17 sts.

Round 7: Sc in each of next 9 sc, 2 sc in each of next 2 hdc, sc in each of next 6 sc = 19 sc.

Round 8: Sc in each of 19 sc around, sc in next sc, (first stitc of round) sl st in next sc. Finish off

Join gray with sl st in 2nd st of rnd ( where you just worked the last sl st) .Hold opening closed and working through BOTH sides at the same time, work (hdc,sc) in next sc, sc in each of next 7 sts, work (hdc, ch2, sl st) in last st. Finish off.Weave your ends in.

Insert hook in st at top edge under beginning yarn end, hook yarn end and draw through st. ch 10, join with slip st at same st. Finish off.

Thread 18" strand of red into a yarn needle. Beginning at center top of skate andwork 3 x-stitches down the front. Tie in a bow.

Glue or sew a small red pompom on the toe.

We use these as gift tags, on our tree or put a pin on the bag and wear on your shirt!


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