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Sand Painting is so much fun and can be done without all spending big money on kits that offer a little for a lot. All you need is something sturdy to paint on. Draw your picture on poster board or card stock. You can also glue pictures from coloring books onto cardboard or posterboard. Empty cereal boxes work well for this. Now spread a little glue over one area at a time. Sprinkle your sand on. Shake the loose sand off. Do the next part.

Now here are some recipes for colored sand. Salt works too!

Colored Sand or Salt

salt food coloring zip lock baggies

This is a simple way to make colored sand. . Just add salt into the baggie and a couple drops of food coloring (the darker you want the more drops). Then close the baggie and start mixing with your fingers. Shake the sand around to make all the sand gets colored.

Colored Sand

1 cup of sand

2 teaspoons of dry tempera paint

1 teaspoon water

Add the dry tempera paint to the sand; then mix well with a fork. Stir in the water. Allow the sand to dry for several hours before using.


Another thing we have done is pour salt onto paper and rib it with sidewalk chalk. This makes pretty pastel colors



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