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  • 1 bunch Lavender
  • 1 large bottle clear organic shampoo
  • 3 drops oil of Lavender
  • 3 drops of of chamomile
  • Clean wide-neck jar with screw top



1. Place Lavender head down in the jar. Cut down to fit. Add shampoo and Lavender oil.

2. Close and place in sunny window  for 2-3 weeks and shake occasionally.

3. Strain and re-bottle. Use 1 tablespoon in your bath. Be careful! The oil will make your bathtub slippery.


Belinda Mooney is the mother of seven children, a veteran homeschooler and a freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in over 70 publications. Her Kids in the Kitchen column is carried Mid-Ohio Valley Parenting, Families First and Gainesville Family. You can reach her at  

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