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Victorian Christmas: Make a Decoupage Box


Old magazines, Christmas cards, stamps ( whatever is related to your theme)

Shoebox or other sturdy type box with a lid

Elmer's glue



Acrylic varnish



We are going to do a Christmas theme but you don't have too You can cover your box with whatever kinds of pictures you want but you might want to pick a theme. For example old postage stamps, baseball theme, ballet or wildflowers.

  1. Gather your pictures. Cut them out of old magazines, greeting cards etc. Make sure you have LOTS of them as you are going to cover your whole box. Smaller pictures often work better because you can overlap them easier.
  2. Spread newspaper out on your table to work on. Practice arranging your picture on top of you box sides and the lid to help you decide what looks best.
  3. When you have your design in mind you are ready. Pour some of the white glue into a small bowl. Add a little bit of water to thin it. Use a small piece of damp sponge or a paintbrush to spread the glue onto the back of your pictures. Make sure you spread the glue over the entire back.
  4. Fit your pictures as close together as you can as you glue them down. Overlap them where necessary. You don't want any spaces showing through.
  5. Let dry for about 10 minutes or so. Now paint the acrylic varnish over top this. You can also buy spray acrylic to use. Allow your first coat to dry at least an hour and apply another coat.

Now you have a beautiful box for gift giving or for keeping your treasures in.



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