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Beaded Icicle Ornaments

For each icicle you will need:

6 - 12 mm sunburst or paddlewheel bead
6 - 10 mm sunburst or paddlewheel bead
3 - 8 mm faceted beads (round globe like beads)
3 - 6 mm faceted beads
3 - 4 mm mm faceted beads
8 - pipe cleaners

NOTE: We used gold and silver beads and pipe cleaners but you could use clear, white or red. Any color you choose.


Cut your pipe cleaner into 3 - 4" pieces. Use needle nose pliers to curl one tip of one of the pipe cleaners as tight as you can. This is the end the string for hanging goes in.

Now string the beads on the pipe cleaner in the order listed above EXCEPT save one small 4-mm bead. Push them as close together as you can. Make sure they are tucked in close to each other. Now put some craft or tacky glue on the end of the pipe cleaner and slide on the last bead.

Your done! Use fishing string or yarn to thread through the other end to hang on your tree! These are so easy and so pretty and work up in no time at all!


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