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Victorian Christmas: Cornucopia Candy Holder Ornament


heavy paper such as cardstock to make a template

gold or pastel colored paper


flat lace

tacky glue or hot glue gun




Transfer the pattern unto the cardstock to make a template. Trace onto your paper and cut out.

Glue the loop of the tassel onto the back of the at the bottom. It will hang out the bottom when done.

On the right side of the cornucopia glue a strip of lace directly down the middle. Before gluing lace around the top curved edge place tiny slits in the lace or if it is motifs cut the motifs apart and layer them. Glue around the upper curved edge.

Bend and glue the cornucopia into a cone shape. This will be easier if you have gently folded the paper before gluing. Use clothespins or paper clips to hold into place until dry.

You can now add appliqués if you like.

To make the loop glue a ribbon loop to the back inside. Add crushed tissue paper about half way up so the cornucopia won't be so heavy. Then add candies in the top


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