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Miniature horns of plenty, created from sugar cones and fruit candies, make striking party favors for a Thanksgiving table. This is a fun one for the kids. This would be a good one for a scout troop or Sunday School class to do.

Sugar-Cone Cornucopia


  • sugar cone ice cream cones
  • fruit candies
  • decorator's icing



For each place setting, tie a ribbon around the opening of a sugar cone. With a tube of store-bought decorator's icing and a steady hand, squirt the name of a guest along the side of the cone. Place the cone on a doily-covered saucer. Your kids can then fill it with candies, such as raspberry jellies, fruit-shaped sweets, marzipan fruits, candy corn and citrus slices. For an inexpensive alternative, use fruit-shaped cereal. Let the goodies spill out over the opening and around the cone.

When the meal is served, guests can set aside the cornucopia and save the treats until after the turkey and fixings.