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sunflowerPopsicle Stick Sunflower Picture Frame
by KidsActivities

Great group craft! Fun and so cute when finished!

You Need:

  • 8 Craft Sticks
  • 13 Small Oval Woodies
  • 1 Large Round Woodies
  • 2 Medium
  • Tear Drop Woodies
  • Tacky Glue
  • Paint or Markers -(I like to use paint markers with craft sticks.)
  • Photo
  • Cardboard for Backing
  • Cardboard Easel or String for Hanging



Paint pieces and set aside to dry. Assemble with tacky glue. Let dry. Trim cardboard to cover the back. Run a bead of glue along bottom and both sides of cardboard. Leaving top open to slide in photo. Secure to back a frame. Glue on an easel or a string for hanging.

Tip for group craft:

Dye pieces ahead of time to keep mess and time to a minimum. You can do this by soaking the wooden pieces in traditional fabric dye dissolved in water or try soaking in concentrated kool-aid. You can even use dried put markers. Just remove the pads from inside the barrels and place in a tub of water with wooden pieces.


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