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This is a wonderful sensory craft for preschoolers. You can add all kinds of small trinkets and toys to the wavemaker. This is a wonderful illustration to preschoolers and young learners of how the ocean works. You can use it to explain floating and sinking as well.This is also a great kids craft for a unit study on the ocean.

Senoceansory Activity for Preschool  -Create a Wave Maker


  • Clear Plastic Soda or Water Bottle (2.0 liter size is preferable)
  • Food Coloring (blue and green or colors of your choice)
  • Vegetable Oil, colorless
  • Water
  •  Glitter or Metallic Confetti or small Trinkets (optional)



1. Fill bottle half way full with water and add about 4 drops of food coloring. Confetti of glitter can be added next if desired, a few pinches at a time.

2. Using a small funnel, fill the bottle the rest of the way to the cap with vegetable oil. Add a dab of glue around the threads on the bottle top, screw the cap on tightly to seal. Colored plastic tape can be wrapped around the cap for extra sealing protection and decoration.

3. Tilt and rock slowly from side to side to create action in your wave maker!