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Batik Art on Paper

Make your own batik art with tempera paint. This is a great craft for older kids. You can have so much fun with this easy kid's craft.

You'll need the following for this craft

  • chalk
  • construction paper
  • tempera paint ( not black)
  • gum erasers or tissues:
  • India ink

Here is what you do:

1. Draw a chalk picture on your construction paper. It can be any thing you like. be sure and use nice thin, bold lines t chalk lines. Keep your drawing fairly simple and think large .

2. Paint inside the chalk lines but don't paint over the lines. You can use any color you like except black. Leave spaces between your colors.

3. Let you painting dry all the way. When it is dry, use tissues to gently wipe away the chalk lines.

4. Now take a sponge type brush and coat the painting with the India ink. Don't go over the same stroke twice. One layer only. Let ink dry for about a half an hour.

 5. Then set your painting in a tub of cool water and gently, very gently rub away the ink. Set your painting on newspaper to dry. The ink will stick to the painting in some places, just like batik! This look very cool!


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