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purple teddy bearMake a Bear Cave with Bear Puppets

This is another great craft for cub scouts. It is also perfect for fairytales such as a the Three Bears. A wonderful preschool and elementary school age craft.

You'll need:

paper lunch sacks
small pictures of bears or small felt bears
cotton balls
Popsicle sticks.


Take your paper sack and cut a half circle out of ONE side of the open end. This is your cave opening. Now glue cotton balls on the top and sides of your bag if you want it to be winter.

Glue a picture of a bear on top of the Popsicle stick. You could let the children draw these or do what we did and use small felt bears. We made felt bears using a small gingerbread pattern and added ears. Now they can take their bear in and out the cave. You could have 2 caves. One for the bear to hibernate in and one for him to live in during the spring



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