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Morse Code Cryptography

by Alison Moore Smith


Morse code is a fascinating way to send messages and create code! In this article learn the basics of Morse Code

Combine critical thinking skills, social studies, and language arts together in one fun, and even funny, activity. This can be done with kids of all different ages, so make it a family event.

Give each child a copy of the Morse Code. Have each child pick out one word off their current (or perhaps even a past) spelling or vocabulary list. One at a time have them

stand up and "tap out" the word of their choice in Morse Code. They may tap a ruler on a desk, click spoons together, clap their hands together, play an instrument, or, for more fun, turn a flashlight on and off in the dark.


The traditional voiced codes are "dit" for the short dot (represented by a *), and "dah" for the long dash (represented by a -). You must determine a way to indicate the difference between the two sounds, when using a method that is not obvious, and to distinguish between the end of one letter and the beginning of the next.

Have the other children and/or parents see who can guess which word is being spelled out first. Perhaps you could even have a spelling test with words being clicked out instead of written out!

This is a fantastic activity to use when you have been studying various forms of communication, inventions, and/or the telegraph!