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Cute Easter Baskets

This cute baskets are fun and easy for even the littlest hands. And not just for Easter! use them to hold candy, treats, or little toys. For Easter or anytime you need a basket for the kids to put stuff in. This would also make a nice recycle craft for 4-H or Scouts.

Supplies you will need to make your baskets:

  • plain paper bags - use sandwich bags to make  miniature baskets

  • construction paper

  • stickers, rickrack ,fake fur trim, lace

  • cotton balls for rabbits

  • anything else you can thing of

Start with a basic baskets:

1. Take a plain brown market sack and across the bag width wise so the remaining bag part is about 10" high. Now fold the top over the bag so that it is now about 5" high. The fold is like the collar on a turtle neck. Folded over all the way around to the bottom of the bag. Press the greases with your hands to make a nice basket shape with sharp edges.

2. Now take the piece you cut off and make a handle. Cut a strip about 2 - 3 inches wide and however long you want it to be. Fold in half long ways, gluing down. Staple this to the sides of the basket.

3. Now you are ready to decorate. You can add stickers of cut-outs of crosses, chicks, flowers or whatever you like. You can also let the kids color designs on first before cutting too.

Make Different Types of Baskets

Easter Rabbit Basket - on the front side of the basket glue wiggly eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers. Draw a mouth. Cut out ear shapes and glue to the top on the inside. Add a cotton ball for a nose.

Spring Chick Basket - Gut out scalloped wings and glue to the side. Add black button eyes and a triangle beak to the front. Add feather to the wings.

Resurrection Sunday Basket - Cut out crosses and glue to the sides. Decorate with the words "HE IS RISEN" and HALLELUJAH.



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