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Coffee Filter Butterflies

This project is a wonderful way to teach the blending of colors. The results can be beautiful yet this is simple enough for little hands also.

Materials Needed:

  • Wooden Clothes Pins
  • Round Coffee Filters
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Black Pipe Cleaner


  1.  Paint your clothespins black first. Fold the pipe cleaners into V shapes the size you want your antenna to be, cut and glue to the clothes pins at the flat end.
  2. Take the coffee filters and spray them with water till they lay flat but aren't drenched (it should only take a few short sprays, use warm water).
  3. Now, dab the watercolors on  the wet coffee filters, it will run and smear but that's ok . You can also use markers for this. When you are happy with your design on one, repeat this process with another coffee filter. Put the wet filters in a safe place to dry.
  4. When they are dry gather up the coffee filter in the middle, trying to keep the outside edges flat, and clip it into the clothespin. Spread the wings out and you are done.
  5. Put a strip of magnet on the backside of clothespin and stick them on the fridge, they are strong enough to hold some paper up.

We made these for Bible school and the kids loved them. They are perfect for spring, insects, creation themes.




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