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Colored Pasta Art Fun

The things you can do with colored noodles is endless. Make collages, string them into necklaces, let young children glue them on paper to their delight. here is how to make your own.


We use these noodles for lots of crafts. Kids love them !

Pasta - use all shapes and sizes
Rubbing Alcohol
Food Coloring
Ziploc Baggie or Bowls


  1. First we want to color the noodles. Use baggie or bowl for each color you want to make. Place the desired number of noodles in the baggie or bowl. Pour enough rubbing alcohol so all the noodles are covered.
  2. Add a generous amount of food coloring to each container of noodles. Put these aside and let them sit until they are the desired color. (This can take several hours) The longer they sit the brighter the colors.
  3. When the noodles have reached the desired color remove them from the baggie or bowl and lay them on a single layer paper towels to dry.

Once your noodles are dry, your are ready to be creative! Use the noodles to make jewelry (use a variety of noodles with a hole in them), collages, sculptures, or anything else you can dream up.

If you are really feeling creative, use acrylic paints and a paint brush to hand paint small designs on your noodles.

Note: Give yourself plenty of time for this craft! It can take hours for the noodles to reach the desired color, and it can take the noodles up to 24 hours to dry. And... please do not do this craft without an adults help!


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