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Barbie Doll Clothes from Old Socks

Don't throw away those old socks! Make some fashion doll clothes for your favorite Barbie - great Home Ec project too!!


What you will need:

  • men's nylon stretch socks.
  • pencil
  • rubber band
  • clean can or tube about 2" diameter
  • sewing things

    Here are directions for making different types of doll clothes for Barbie dolls and other fashion dolls.


    Barbie Dress:

    1. Cut the top 7 inch from a sock. Lay the piece flat on the table. Mark each side of the sock 2" from the top. Cut out a very small circle at each mark. (Just big enough for the doll's arm.)

    2. Place the sock over the can, right side out. Turn down 1 inch at the top and pin to hold.

    3. Draw a line around the sock ½ inch from the top of the fold. Sew around the sock on the line, using matching thread. Remove pins and lift from can.

    Barbie Doll Blouse:

    se the same methods described above to make the doll shirt. The only difference is you only use the top 5 inches of the shirt.

    Fashion Doll Skirt:

    Cut a 4 ½ inch circle from the top of the sock. Make the waistband just like the pants.

    Barbie Doll Pants:

    1.Cut the top 7 " from a sock. Slip the piece over a can, about the size of a hair spray can, wrong side out. Place a small rubber band over the sock, about ½ inch down from the top.

    2. Fold the sock down over the rubber band and pin to hold. Draw a line around the sock about ¼ inch from the top. Sew the sock on the line. Make sure the rubber band is above the line (you can also use a piece of elastic, sewed into a loop) remove pins and slide off can.

    3. Lay sock flat and pin front and back together with 2 pins placed 1 inch from bottom of sock. Make small marks at the center of the sock, one at the bottom and one above the pins. Draw a line down the center through the marks, to use as a guide and for cutting later.

    4. Draw another mark on the line, 5 inch from the bottom of the sock. Draw two more marks at the bottom of the sock, ¼ inch from the line. Draw diagonal lines from the bottom mark to the 5' mark (These are the legs.) Sew along these lines.

    5. Remove the pins. Cut along centerline starting at bottom to about ½ inch from the 5 inch mark. Turn inside out.

    Cape for a Barbie Doll:

    1. Cut a 5 inch circle from the top of a sock. Cut the piece from the top to the bottom to open it out. Lay flat. Draw a line across the piece, ½  inch from the top. Place a piece of ribbon, about ¼ inch wide, and 8" long below the line. Pin in place. Gather the cape on the ribbon to fit around the doll's neck. Remove pins.

    With these easy instructions you can make your fashion doll an entire wardrobe!