Kids Kreate



by Belinda Mooney
Wonderful sensory project for kids. Use this to make music with your class or kids as part of a great jungle or African unit study go along, for mission Sunday or for just plain fun.

You'll need:

  • Heavy cardboard tube
  • Caps for the end or duct tape
  • Seeds, pebbles, dried rice,
  • Pretty paper to cover it with


  1. Decorate your tube.
  2. Seal off one end.
  3. Add your handfuls of your filler material. Seal off the other end.
  4. Try different thing inside and different size tubes. Turn up and down slowly.

This is a simple craft even little ones can do.

Preschoolers love this type of craft and it is perfect for them. It draws in all of their senses and encourages movement as well.