How to Make Your Own Scratch Art Pictures

This is so much fun , even my teenagers enjoy it.


Materials: crayons, paper
black tempera
liquid soap


Using the size paper of your choice, have the kids cover it in BRIGHT crayon colors. Press HARD and leave no white showing from the paper.

Now paint them! Using black tempera paint, pour some into a large bowl and add a few drops of liquid soap. (for some chemical reason, the soap makes the black tempera adhere to the crayon-covered paper!). Using an inexpensive foam brush, paint all the crayon covered papers and let dry over night.

The next day, sharpened dowel rod (about 6 inches long) or even a tooth pick, to scratch the paint off and create a design. Some designs and scenes that work great are underwater scenes, clowns and circus scenes, vases of flowers, etc.



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