Apple Print Potholders!
                 submitted by Sue
Fall means apple time. This fun craft can be used as go along with an apple theme or home ec project. Would also make a nice Christmas gift for mom and is perfect with a Johnny Appleseed them. My kids and I went looking for holiday crafts this weekend and here is one we found. You will find the info on where it came from at the end if I know it. I do not what to take credit for inventing something I didn't:) This print will use an apple that is cut in half. Remember that the apple should be dried before printing. save the seeds too. They will be used to print the seeds right onto your printed apple. It is best to work with 100% cotton fabric such as muslin, because the fabric paint tends to run when used on polyester. You can use either small paint brushes or paper plates to coat the apple half for printing. What you need:     

     Apples- sliced in half with seeds removed       

      9x9-inch muslin squares or any other 100% cotton fabric
      9x9-inch piece of batting
      Fabric paint- 2 colors are best
      Small brushes or paper plate

      embroidery hoop, Embroidery needle & Quilting thread

       Bias binding (tape)   

What you do:

  Lay out newspaper to protect your work surface. Make sure your 9x9 inch piece of fabric is free of wrinkles. If not, lightly iron. You can use paper plates for the paints-this will make it easier to coat the apple with paint.

Paint the cut edge of a dried apple half. Print 9 apples on your 9x9-inch piece of fabric. Alternate colors for a fun look. Paint one side of a seed brown and print on the printed DRIED apples.

When you are finished painting and the paint is dry, lay the fabric facedown on paper towels and on the cotton setting lightly iron the fabric. This will set your design.

Sandwich the pot-holder top, batting, and backing together with the batting on the inside. Baste the edges. Place the fabrics in an embroidery hoop and sew around each apple print, stitching through all 3 layers. Sew bias tape around the edges for the finishing.